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Alistair is a team member of The Cutting Edge topical team at London's world famous Comedy Store. Click here for their Facebook page. and here for their Twitter Feed

Favourite Links

No Pressure to be Funny website, on Facebook and on twitter. - Internet home of UK Comedy.

The World Stands Up - where you can see lots more comedy.

Holland - Alistair wears Holland Esquire jackets on stage. He presently has twenty. This link is placed here in the faint hope that they might one day give him some for free. - Clive Stafford Smith's Human Rights charity.

International Alert - International Peace building charity. - The British Comedy Guide and host of the No Pressure To Be Funny podcasts. - Official Edinburgh Festival Fringe site.

The Phoenix - Live home of No Pressure To Be Funny and one or two other things.

Some of Alistair's favourite clubs:

Banana Cabaret
Comedy Cafe
The Comedy Store
Glee Club
The Komedia
The Stand Comedy Club