Capetown Comedy Festival

Assorted Review Highlights

"Barrie has a casually sardonic sense of humour and is sharp as a guillotine blade. Woe betide the bloody fool who tries to heckle him" - Cape Town Argus

"The show starts with the dark comedic brilliance of Alistair Barrie. Subject matter ranges from his parody of the Blair/Bush alliance, his fear of growing old and bald to his dislike of 'happy' people. Done in his heavy British accent, this seasoned star proves to be an ultimate hit with the audience" - Cape Times

"He had the Cape town audience eating out of his hand" - 48 Hours

"And you thought all comedians could do was make you laugh. Turns out they can warp time too - speeding it up or slowing it down as they make their way through their act. Even Einstein would have been impressed by MC Alistair Barrie, a livewire Brit with a mouth as fast as his wit." -